27 Of The Funniest And Gayest Tumblr Posts Of 2019 (So Far)


If June is Gay Pride Month, then July is Gay Wrath Month.


  1. Posted by kaunokk, — Reply

    If you want to buy/make one of those bad boys they're men's undershirts from 16-17th century ( they were probably used on other centuries as well but I'm not entirely sure when! )

  2. Posted by Shadowhunter2156, — Reply

    I was about to say “but I kind of like those shirts, with the right outfit?” But then I saw the next image and was like “ah. No wonder”

  3. Posted by marialskorski, — Reply


  4. Posted by kristenlever, — Reply

    Yes. This is true. In every book ever written this is true. Edit: DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THE USER NANE?!

  5. Posted by gracicutes, — Reply

    How dare you insinuate that the beautiful Prince Roman would ever steal from his people?

  6. Posted by superjocey8, — Reply

    I would like to introduce the idea of a vampire who is a prince but was forced to be a pirate.

  7. Posted by Floofbie_Rian, — Reply

    I'm not a complete gay without one of these shirts is what I've learned from this

  8. Posted by skyflare2, — Reply

    Every prince after the ‘true loves kiss’: no hetero though

  9. Posted by wildhomosexual, — Reply

    omg I have one of these shirts in my closet

  10. Posted by elenamae04, — Reply

    they forgot harry styles

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