30 Top Non-COVID Memes-Memes Makers


All away from the stress of COVID quarantine. We give you 30 Top Non-COVID Memes-Memes Makers that will change funnily your vision to the world. We hope you'll enjoy and share it with your homies.


  1. Posted by betialy, — Reply

    ‘The door was blue’. Normal people : ok cool. English teachers : OMG he was so sad, he was depressed, he had the worst life .

  2. Posted by yourlocalhylian, — Reply

    Every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes

  3. Posted by eeddiekaspbrak, — Reply

    English teacher: a famous man once said "Each wasted second is a second wasted" and his name was John Cena

  4. Posted by elba_isle, — Reply

    Wow he said this on the 3rd of the 29th month at 17 o clock. I'm smelling photoshopped

  5. Posted by luisamayr2408, — Reply

    By John Cena tho

  6. Posted by vincentvanbon, — Reply

    I waisted a lot of seconds trying to read this

  7. Posted by CapMirann, — Reply

    “Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted” - John Lennon

  8. Posted by waste_of_void, — Reply

    thank you john cena, very cool!

  9. Posted by itzxylia, — Reply

    Wow, REALLY? *gasp*

  10. Posted by samistheham, — Reply

    Why is this so funny?!??!

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