1. Posted by frogfart5, — Reply

    ahh i’m dying my hair like this tomorrow !!

  2. Posted by oliviacaiola, — Reply

    if only i didn’t have strict parents 😿😿😿

  3. Posted by norah_salem06, — Reply

    I am scared my hair would end up looking like ramen noodles

  4. Posted by clarity8066, — Reply

    When you have blonde hair 😿

  5. Posted by melyssamh, — Reply

    what’s the name of this? i’m getting it 💘

  6. Posted by Kelera_Lela, — Reply

    Draco’s mom

  7. Posted by charlotte_edmond, — Reply

    I’m convincing my mom to let me do it

  8. Posted by productpk16, — Reply


  9. Posted by evaluna4281, — Reply

    ima due my hair like this rn this is so cute

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