Best Homemade Creamy Alfredo Sauce. Recipe [Video] - Sweet and Savory Meals


Homemade Alfredo is an creamy, and easy-to-make Italian sauce. You can find it on pizza or pasta. Prepare is by yourself from scratch!


  1. Posted by nbal3646, — Reply

    See how his alfredo looks clumpy, that's because he used pre shredded parm cheese that has a coating on it. Do yourself a favor and buy a block and shred it.

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  3. Posted by kristenreed8473, — Reply

    Everyone in my family loves this sauce! I added some chicken to it for a little more protein and served it over zucchini noodles. Nothing against the sauce but I regret putting it over zoodles - made it a little watery and doesn’t absorb any of the sauce the way pasta does. My kids had it over pasta and omg it was good!

  4. Posted by dimithri3, — Reply

    This sauce is simply amazing! Tried this today and I added a little milk and flour too since I had a less cream- turned out great

  5. Posted by mukesbooty, — Reply

    It's good! I used 1/2 of cream cheese and added milk until de sauce got the texture I wanted it to have.

  6. Posted by faithhhe, — Reply

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  7. Posted by lakaiyahowell, — Reply

    This looks great - can't wait to try it ! It was delicious! Even my picky kids liked it! 💕

  8. Posted by beth_greening, — Reply

    Seriously delicious!!!! I’ve tried a few others but this one will be my go to!!

  9. Posted by irixuan, — Reply

    Fun fact: there is no italian alfredo pasta, it was invented for americans

  10. Posted by tfindica14, — Reply

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