Custom Monogram Boho Floral Deer Skull Car Accessories, Custom License Plate, Plate Frame, Car Coasters, Steering Wheel Cover


Create your own custom car accessories set! Use your creativity to make the perfect design that is perfectly YOU! These car accessories make amazing gifts, or treat yourself to a set for your own car. For matching items, click here: __________________________________________________________________________ DETAILS: The complete set comes with the following: -2 Front Car Mats (27" x 17"): $72.95 -2 Back Car Mats (17" x 13"): $32.95 -1 Steering Wheel Cover: $34.99 -2 Seat Belt Covers: $25 -1 License Plate Frame: $16.99 -1 Front License Plate: $16.99 -2 Car Coasters: $15.98 Does NOT include seat covers. You can select the whole set by choosing the first option in the drop-down menu. If you would like to mix and match the items that you would like, you can select the items individually from the drop-down menu, and add each to your cart, until you have everything that you want in your custom set. And the best part is YOU get to personalize them! You may choose from the monogram and color styles above, OR you may use any of the designs from other Chic Monogram items. __________________________________________________________________________ TO CUSTOMIZE: If you want the EXACT same design as in the listing, let me know the following in the “Add a note to Chic Monogram” section as you are going through the checkout process: -Monogram (first LAST middle), name or text___________ If you want something a bit different, let me know the following in the “Add a note to Chic Monogram” section as you are going through the checkout process: -Background Color (if different than black)__________ -Floral Theme #___________ -Monogram or Font Style and Text Color____________ -Monogram (first LAST middle), name or text___________ -Any additional custom requests____________ And that's it! We will send you a proof VERY quickly and at that time you may make changes until it's PERFECT! __________________________________________________________________________ PRODUCT DETAILS: CAR MATS: Front Car Mats measure 27" x 17" (set of 2). Back Car Mats measure 17" x 13" (set of 2). -These beautiful car floor mats feature a durable needle punch smooth felt face with sturdy non-skid Durgan rubber backing, and our unique printing process will ensure your custom design stays vibrant for years. -Your design will be sublimated into the car mat material, so no embroidery is used. This allows for the fullest and brightest range of colors and design styles available! -This is a standard sized set of car mats, designed to provide a versatile fit for all vehicles. -These durable mats are very easy to keep clean. Any standard stain remover will keep them looking fresh for years to come. SEAT BELT COVERS: -Seat Belt Covers are made of Neoprene, with bound black edges and a Velcro enclosure for easy adjustment. Your custom design will be sublimated into the fabric, for the brightest and longest-lasting color. -The Seat Belt Pad measures 7" x 9.25" when laid flat, and when folded around the Seat Belt, it measures 2.5" x 9.25". e for easy assembly. STEERING WHEEL COVERS: -Designed to fit a standard wheel size that is 14.5" - 15.5" in diameter -Insulates to protect hands against hot and cold extremes -These steering wheel covers have a rubber base, and a cloth exterior that will display your custom design. Non-slip grip strips are built in. -These covers will not slip or slide around. They will stretch to secure tightly to your steering wheel, and will provide a snug fit. LICENSE PLATE FRAMES: -License Plates and License Plate Frames are made of the highest quality white gloss aluminum metal. Your design will be sublimated directly into the license plate material itself for the brightest and longest lasting color available! -License plates and frames are of a durable thickness, at .03” thick. -I don’t use vinyl decals on my license plates. I will heat press your custom design into the license plate material, so that there is nothing to peel or fade. -License Plates are designed with a versatile fit for all vehicles. -Measurements: License Plates: 5.875" x 11.875" - License Plate Frames: 12.25” x 6.25” ***License Plate Frames are made to fit around a standard license plate, and to comply with all DMV regulations that we are aware of to date. It is your responsibility to notify us of any laws in your state that have changed or would render these license plate frames restricted in size or unusable. Please check your state laws and notify us of any stipulations, and we will be happy to make recommendations for you!*** CAR COASTERS: -Dimensions: 2.56" x 0.30", Round with Divot for easy removal -Materials: Sandstone GEAR SHIFT COVERS: -Designed to fit all standard gear shift knobs -Made of comfortable Neoprene material -Slips over the top of your gear shift knob and secures in the back with adjustable velcro __________________________________________________________________________ QUICK LINKS: ~Check out all of my Car Accessories, any of which can be made to match your design!~ STEERING WHEEL COVERS: SEAT BELT COVERS: CAR COASTERS: LICENSE PLATES & FRAMES: SPARE TIRE COVERS: SEAT COVERS: WINDSHIELD SUN SHADES: CAR MATS: KEY FOB WRISTLET ID WALLET: CAR STICKERS: KEY CHAINS: TRAILER HITCH COVERS: CAR TRASH BAGS: AIR FRESHENERS: __________________________________________________________________________ -->I strongly encourage ALL buyers to kindly take a look at my Shop Policies for more information: __________________________________________________________________________ Thank you so much, Tammy © Chic Monogram, 2017-2018. 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