Don't lose your pen.


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  1. Posted by empressrubybutterfly, — Reply

    I’m skinny yet people call me pretty and I was the only one who brought my pencil case during a school trip and everyone had to borrow from me Edit: why does this have so many likes?

  2. Posted by kirstmcgirst, — Reply

    Skinny shaming, stating that relationships are all about looks, saying you need a relationship for happiness, putting down child-free people... and writing "loose" when it's suppose to be "lose". Some teacher did a terrible job.

  3. Posted by kn1ght1ngale, — Reply

    Alone = depression??? Not in my reality. Alone = no idiots or drama which = freedom and happiness. But I would never forget a instrument to write with or on. I literally take my art bag with me everywhere.

  4. Posted by Angel_Undead, — Reply

    So skinny people are ugly? Okay, lol. Also not having kids doesn't mean you're alone. Not having a single person in your life means you're alone.

  5. Posted by karanaid, — Reply

    Is anyone else very bothered that they spelled “lose” with two o’s, therefore making it loose, as in “I was wearing a very loose shirt”

  6. Posted by kajakrogster, — Reply

    No children= alone. Stop pressuring everyone to have kids. Even though they may be "At that age" og something like that, don't assume that kids will make life better for someone. Or that they'll regret not having kids, or even "you'll want to have kids one day". It's idiotic.

  7. Posted by ghcstte, — Reply

    You could always find different kinds of work, You don't need to have some office job or something like that. Self-employment can work, people can get by just by selling items online, also there are jobs you don't need a diploma for...--??

  8. Posted by reaganvasser, — Reply

    im skinny but i the queen of pens ask anyone of my friends last year i had 2 pencil cases of pen but why skinny people ugly hmmm so im ugly thx also does ,anyone have a pencil?

  9. Posted by animeaesthetix, — Reply

    The person who made this is really looking at the reality of things..Like you could literally just go buy a new pen OR ask a friend or teacher for a new pen. This paper is just dumb

  10. Posted by srisruti, — Reply

    Lost your pen, then buy a new one 🙄. Whoever said money can’t solve your problems must not have had enough money to solve ‘em. Duh 😂

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