Fun OP-Art Project for Kids!


Hey parents, this project will keep the kids busy for a while: You will need: A ruler, markers, a pencil and a piece of typing paper. Here is what you do, trace a shape on the typing paper using a pencil. You can trace your hand (now that's handy!) or a dish, stencil or anything…


  1. Posted by Beanzy12345, — Reply

    A great project for teaching kids about optical illusions and 3D art. One bit of advice: make sure the lines over the hand are curved or you won't get that cool effect.

  2. Posted by zeman8310, — Reply

    make sure you trace your hand in pencil first

  3. Posted by auroramay19239, — Reply

    Make sure you trace your hand in pencil first

  4. Posted by caro_caligiuri, — Reply

    😐Mine did not turn out like the picture......

  5. Posted by southern_sass, — Reply

    Did it in 3 grade

  6. Posted by Mtndezy, — Reply

    very fun

  7. Posted by brianna7764, — Reply


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