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  1. Posted by your1uncle, — Reply

    My friends made a bet with me that I could not get one thousand followers in one month. If I win, they delete their accounts and if they win, I delete mine and my favourite game. Please help me. I’ve got memes!

  2. Posted by yongiyongi, — Reply

    top 20 books blind people hate reading

  3. Posted by doddjaden, — Reply

    People who can’t smell are tired of smelling these scents

  4. Posted by fis62139, — Reply

    Number one: nothing

  5. Posted by Haleyryanwest, — Reply

    How to be successful in 5 steps. Wheel chair users: ...

  6. Posted by Slothxgloss, — Reply

    https://afktravel.com/72328/16-things-deaf-people-are-tired-of-hearing/ Found it >:)

  7. Posted by RandomQueerBoi, — Reply

    Top 10 words mute people hate saying.

  8. Posted by sw767424, — Reply

    15 feelings people who can't feel hate feeling.

  9. Posted by K0tZy, — Reply

    1. silence

  10. Posted by Something0825, — Reply

    Top 10 things blind people are tired of seeing

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