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Color, It's all about our lives. No matter where you are or what kind of life you live, No matter what kind of material, spiritual and spiritual needs you have, The surrounding color is always the primary factor affecting the balance of body and mind. The hard decoration in the home will not change for several years, And fashion people want to change their mood every season, Therefore, the color matching of home soft decoration becomes more and more important. Here's a collection of 60 Soft color scheme.


  1. Posted by eudyq_, — Reply

    crave for a room like this 😫 i dont even have clean walls

  2. Posted by ghayamm6407, — Reply

    Where is the bed frame from

  3. Posted by iamjuliejohnson, — Reply

    Simple but cozy 😊

  4. Posted by kirstie12hargrove, — Reply

    nice profile

  5. Posted by kirstie12hargrove, — Reply


  6. Posted by larafigur, — Reply

    This is so nice, my room would never look like this!

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