How to Water Succulents - the Right Way - Natalie Linda


Learn how to water succulents so that you can grow a healthy succulent garden! This easy guide will show you how and when to water your succulents!


  1. Posted by pennies1962, — Reply

    I just purchased some as gift for a wedding shower for the guest. And transfer them into a small clay pot hopefully they will survive.

  2. Posted by godell12, — Reply

    I have a window in my shower so I leave it there and I give it a Rinse through Then the water drains out The soil is wet it sits in the window I wait until it’s dry and then I water it again when I take a shower only when it needs it I have a cactus

  3. Posted by lovemeones, — Reply

    Yes lady’s I’m new as well and would like to know how to keep water 💦 my succulent

  4. Posted by patriciarauch, — Reply

    Yes! Indeed. New at the succulents, love my plants—

  5. Posted by pennylynn0362, — Reply

    New at growing them, thanks for the tips

  6. Posted by rrunlimited, — Reply

    Succulent care

  7. Posted by leonamargaret1, — Reply

    Very helpful

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