marble cake recipe | chocolate marble cake | eggless marble cake


marble cake recipe, chocolate marble cake, eggless marble cake with step by step photo/video. an interesting fusion cake recipe by combining 2 cake batter


  1. Posted by nikideep, — Reply

    Hey .... it came out really well soft and yummm .... any specific reason it being little moist as have followed the exact measurements and process

  2. Posted by aroradeepti1, — Reply

    It really came out so soft and very taste. But I couldn't take it out as a whole from the can. Don't know why?

  3. Posted by readingisha, — Reply

    Turned out really well with perfect swirls of vanilla and chocolate

  4. Posted by jiyanarang01, — Reply

    Someone please tell which measure of cups was used 200ml or 250ml?

  5. Posted by animasidharth, — Reply

    Tried it today and was yummy,😍😍😍

  6. Posted by natalieewright22, — Reply

    Can you replace the curd with eggs

  7. Posted by sarraaCat2008, — Reply

    Can i use butter instead of vegetable oil

  8. Posted by tessabaloney, — Reply

    It looks like the chocolate babka from Seinfeld

  9. Posted by katemwiiya3795, — Reply

    I tried this thank you

  10. Posted by lucypaddy, — Reply

    Can I replace sugar with honey?

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