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  1. Posted by mysticallottie, — Reply

    Birthday cake and candles was originally a pagan ritual that was rejected by most mainstream religions until the 14th century for being seen as satanic. And then one day they just said, "Fuck it," and stole the idea.

  2. Posted by phineas_arouette, — Reply

    Actually I read somewhere that birthday cakes (or the act of lighting them) originate from ancient Greece as a tribute to Selene (or something but I remembered it was the Goddess of the Moon). The round cakes symbolise the moon's round surface and the candles are the reflection of the sun's light. (I'm really bad at explaining)

  3. Posted by rosevegas2, — Reply

    well... there goes birthday for me

  4. Posted by ashleedim2005, — Reply

    I’m now very excited for my next birthday party

  5. Posted by Darkwolfie5133, — Reply

    I like this (edited)My mom calls me a morbid child

  6. Posted by kindas0rta, — Reply

    Of all the memes I’ve seen today, this post made me laugh the most.

  7. Posted by sunllion, — Reply

    Birthdays actually have a sort of pagan origin

  8. Posted by thepokeone, — Reply

    It really is

  9. Posted by j0ysaphina, — Reply

    i died

  10. Posted by suebluetwo, — Reply

    Crowley to Aziraphale.

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