Trendy Boho Dorm Room Decor | How To Turn Your Bland Dorm Room Into A Boho Masterpiece - By Sophia Lee


If you want to transform your dorm room into a boho masterpiece, these are the best decorations and ideas to do that!


  1. Posted by Gracemkenna, — Reply

    If my dorm doesn’t look like that I don’t want it

  2. Posted by kylie_04, — Reply

    We’re can I get the wave sheet?

  3. Posted by ella_7_11, — Reply

    It’s a tapestry

  4. Posted by gabriellahallacy, — Reply

    On amazon

  5. Posted by sophialeftly, — Reply

    i love the powoll

  6. Posted by mvctthomas6265, — Reply

    omg it SOOO CUTE

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